Touchless Vehicle Washing Solutions

Whether you are responsible for a fleet of vehicles or currently own a personal vehicle, it is important to maintain a good level of auto maintenance and professionalism.

What are the best cleaning practices to take care of your vehicles exterior?

The most efficient way to clean your vehicle is through a touchless approach! Traditional scrub brushes can result in unwanted scratches to your vehicles exterior. Not to mention, pressure washers will save you time and are also more ergonomically effective! In comparisons to maneuvering yourself into uncomfortable positions while scrubbing your vehicle manually.

What is my water consumption from a pressure washer versus a garden hose?

Most peple would assume that the garden hose would use less water, but in this case, it is actually the opposite. A pressure washer uses 2 gallons of water per minute compared to garden hoses that use 20 gallons of water per minute (ref. Hunker, 2018). 

What do I need to clean my vehicle?

You will first need a light-duty pressure washer, like Karcher's  G 3000 OH Cold Pressure Washer. Make sure you are operating this on a light setting, this light pressure will still allow enough agitation for debris like bugs to come off of your vehicle. The second item you will need it a vehicle cleaner. Make sure this cleaner is applicable for use in a pressure washer, as some cleaners may foam to excess. We reccomend our Swish Vehicle was as it is can be used with Pressure washers and will remove road film, grease, grime, bugs and more leaving surfaces sparkling clean. It is also recommended to use gloves to handle any concentrated cleaners. Although it is unlikely for this to cause a reaction to your skin, it is best practice to protect yourself from chemical solutions.

4 Simple Steps to cleaning your vehicle!

  1. Dilute cleaning solution and dispense into your pressure washer accordingly. Reduce concentration when working with hot water.
    • Heavy: 1 part Cleaner to 40 parts water
    • Light: 1 part Cleaner to 100 parts water
  2. Adjust metering valve on the pressure washer to a light setting.
  3. Spray diluted solution on vehicle's exterior surface. You can let the solution stand but DO NOT LET SOLUTION DRY. Wash from bottom up.
  4. Rinse with clean water from top down.

Recommended Vehicle Cleaning Products