Swish® Washroom Care Kit

Bonus disinfectant spray with purchase!
Combining the most popular washroom cleaning products into a value kit.  Receive a bonus ready-to-use Silver Supreme disinfectant with purchase. 

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 Swish® Washroom Care Kit Includes:


Swish® Kling™ Washroom Cleanser - 946mL

A ready-to- use cream cleanser that clings to all surfaces and is designed to effectively remove stubborn spots, grease, soap scum, encrustation,hard water salts, scuffs, rubber marks, build up, etc.

Thick clinging Swish® kling™ contains no harsh abrasives to scratch surfaces and stays on vertical surfaces to emulsify soil.

It has an excellent dispersal and is easy rinsing.


Swish® Action™ Bowl Cleaner - 946mL

Nonabrasive and acid free cleaner eliminates the worry of damage to plumbing and surrounding hardware.

Comes with convenient flip top cap for easy dispensing and safer application.

When applied under the toilet rim, action® will dissolve all hard water stains, mineral deposits, rust and scale.


Swish® Sparkle™ Glass & Surface Cleaner – 946 ml

Designed as more than a glass cleaner sparkle™ is powerful enough to also break down most food related grease, stains, dirt, grime and other common soils.

The fast-drying action cleans any non-porous surface without leaving streaks or residue.

Commercial and institutional surfaces are left sparkling clean.

Microfibre Cloths - 3 Pack

Effective, these cloths with millions of tiny, super absorbent strands, can reach down inside the smallest indentations of any surface to deeply clean.

The patented hemming finish keeps the cloth in its original shape with no migration of lint or threads.

A blended construction of 80% polyester, 20% polyamide material delivers a superior cloth and streak free performance.


Workhorse® Yellow Latex Gloves - 1 Pair

Diamond grip features texture along the fingers for improved grip making it thicker for added protection.

Fully flock lined, slip on design allows for easy removal. This is ideal for light to medium applications.

Good puncture resistance, the latex makeup provides better elasticity than nitrile gloves.


Round Toilet Bowl Brush - Single

Polypropylene and crimped bristles won’t scratch, stain or absorb odours.


Swish® Silver Supreme Disinfectant - Bonus Product

Nanosilver, broad-spectrum disinfectant, bactericide, fungicide and virucide that provides residual activity up to 24 hours after application.

Safe for everyday use.  Ready-to-use, scent-free.


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