Warm Weather is Here, and with it Foul Odours!

In the spring and summer months, many look to freshen up their homes and work settings. Foul smells are typically caused by the presence of bacteria left to breed through either infrequent or inadequate cleaning procedures. Although odour problems can be anywhere, there are certain spots that tend to have more problems than others – primarily restrooms and eating areas.

Masking vs Removing

Making the air smell nice only masks the problem and doesn’t get to the root of the issue. Spraying with air fresheners can actually make matters worse as they can combine with the smells already present which can result in an even more offensive odour than before.

What you need to do is find out where the odour is coming from and kill the bacteria that is causing it!

So how can you improve your cleaning methods?

Once you’ve identified where the odour is coming from, then you need to select the right product to remove it.

If you find the odour is still lingering, you may want to try a bio-enzymatic cleaner – this takes cleaning to a whole new level! A bio-enzymatic cleaner binds to odour molecules, neutralizing them in seconds and continue to work as much as 80 hours after being applied.

Swish Aromx 35 contains “good” bacteria capable of bio-degrading a wide range of organic matter, and the great thing about this product is that it’s often considered safer for you and the environment because it harnesses the power of naturally occurring microbes.

What about the odour left in the Air?

Exposure to odours and repeated use of air fresheners can increase indoor air pollution and pose a health risk, especially with long- term exposure. Like the bio-enzymatic cleaner, you can use a bio-active air freshener which also uses “good” bacteria to remove odours in the air, making it safe to use around animals and anyone with sensitivities. Swish ES120 is an Ecologo certified product which controls a variety of malodours, leaving a fresh, clean fragrance.

Maintaining a clean and healthy environment

Once you have eliminated the causes of your current odour problems, it’s important to develop a manageable cleaning schedule to ensure that bacteria are not given the opportunity to breed. Setting a schedule improves consistency throughout your home or work space and allows for you to be more productive. Overall, unpleasant odours can cost a business customer loyalty, money and its reputation. Eliminating the source of odours and implementing a customized odour maintenance program ensured an improved, more pleasant business environment for everyone.

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