Pro-Portion Aid

Pro-Portion Aid

Rubbermaid® WaveBrake® Down Press Mopping Combo

Rubbermaid® WaveBrake® Down Press Mopping Combo

Enviro-Solutions® Blendsafe II Wall Mounted Dispenser


Accurate dilution every time, lower costs, addressed environmental and safety concerns , increased productivity and total convenience, all can be found in this dilution control unit.

  • Multiple dilutions: 4 bottle fill, 1 Bucket fill
  • More accurate dilution compared to free pouring, saving time & money.
  • No chemical contact when changing bottle with "no touch caps" safest way to remove bottle.
  • Colour coded labelling system
  • Safer, lockable cabinetry
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Consistently mixed cleaning solutions can save money, reduce indoor air pollution, reduce employee exposure to concentrated chemical and fumes and provide consistent dilution for optimal product performance.

The ES-662 Blendsafe II eliminates over-rich chemical dilutions that leave residue that pollutes the area and out gases. Under-use of chemicals is also eliminated which leads to more work, more time, possible injury, and lack of proper sanitation, sanitizing or disinfecting.

Safer for users, this dispenser is designed with no chemical contact packaging that reduces employee exposure to concentrate chemical and fumes. Designed with the latest E-Gap/Flex Gap back flow eductors, this prevention eliminates the possibility of chemicals re-entering the water supply and is fully compliant with all plumbing codes.

Heavy lifting is reduced with the compact 1.89 L (0.50 gal.) size or 4.73 L (1.25 gal.) that also reduces labour as a result of less change out and provides cost savings.

trigger bottles

Color coding/numerical ID of all products to match labels for both concentrate and RTU helps reduce error. Trigger bottles are also colour coded for easy identification. Simple to use and easy to fill trigger sprayers or mopbuckets, one hand operation for either is all that is needed.

Designed for use with various concentrates, the most popular are ES64, ES72 & ES364 for our Swish reccomended Two-Step cleaning and disinfecting program.

Clean First with our ES72 Solution, it is a Hydrogen Peroxide Multi-Purpose Cleaner. Dilute with water for light, medium or heavy duty applications. Allowing a variety of surfaces to be cleaned by only one product!

Once you are satisfied with your clean surface, choose ES64 OR ES364 as a disinfectant based on your surface needs. 

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