Protect & Extend the Life of your Vehicles

Common Challenges

  • Dirt left on vehicles leaving a poor representation of company

  • Uncleaned dirt left on vehicles is destroying the vehicle paint

  • Salt left on vehicle has corroded leading to rust related repairs

  • Caked on debris and tar is time consuming to remove from the surface

  • Grease left in engine bays is reducing resale price

  • Regular repairs are being made within a greasy engine bay increasing the risk of work related accidents

  • Dirty engine bay is making oil leaks difficult to determine

  • Oil and grease has accelerated the wear of rubber hoses and plastic parts

  • Dirty windows obscure drivers view of the road

  • Dirty air vents are spreading dust and other allergens throughout the cabin leading to respiratory issues

Swish® Recommended Solutions

  • Vehicle wash that is free rinsing with excellent sheeting action

  • Powerful cleaner to remove dirt, grime, bugs and exhaust deposit with minimal effort

  • Concentrated chemicals that can be used with a pressure washer to further deep clean vehicles

  • Hot and cold water pressure washers that remove back strain and time spend cleaning vehicle fleets

  • Ready-to-use general purpose cleaner to penetrate grease and grime

  • Extraction machines to deep clean vehicle carpets and remove stains

  • Citrus solvent based degreaser to emulsifies greasy soils

  • Flocked rubber gloves to reduce the risk of prolonged contact with chemicals

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  1. Plastic White Pail - 18.9 L
    Plastic White Pail - 18.9 L
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  2. Enviro-Solutions® ES88 Spot & Stain Remover - 946ml - 6 Pack
  3. Swish® Aromx™ 80 Extraction Carpet Cleaner - 946mL - 6 Pack
  4. Swish® Aromx™ 80 Extraction Carpet Cleaner - 3.78L - 4 Pack
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