Create & Maintain a First Class Facility Entrance

Common Challenges

  • Premature wear of floor finish requires more expensive and labour intensive restorative treatment

  • Sand and dust accumulation rapidly damage and dull floor finish

Swish® Recommended Solutions

  • Vacuuming, dust mopping and damp mopping with neutral floor cleaners and microfibre wet
    mops or auto scrubbers to eliminate grit and soils

  • Effective matting that catches, traps and holds dirt and moisture to prevent tracking in

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  1. Swish Ice Rid+ - 18kg Pail
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  2. Breakaway Frame & Handle
    From: $24.24 To: $25.67
  3. Microfibre String Tube Mop
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  4. Mop Handle - Fibreglass - 60in
    Mop Handle - Fibreglass - 60in
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20 Items

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