Front Of House Cleaning

Front of House

Common Challenges

  • Oily residue and fingerprints left on menus and tables.

  • Sticky & dirty surfaces creating an unclean environment and unhappy guests.

  • Greasey floors creating a larger risk for slip & fall accidents

  • Unpleasent odours caused by bacteria buildup.

  • Multiple cleaning solutions causing improper and costly application.

Swish® Recommended Solutions

  • Spray and wipe cleaners to cut through oily residue clean surfaces.

  • Using a food grade sanitizer that is fast drying and leaves no oily residue or fingerprints behind.

  • Simplify your employee training and labour costs with multi-purpuse food processing solutions.

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  1. ServClean® Cleaner
    From: $34.38 To: $123.59
  2. Microfibre String Tube Mop
    From: $18.73 To: $21.29
  3. Mop Handle - Fibreglass - 60in
    Mop Handle - Fibreglass - 60in
    Regular Price $16.48 Special Price $13.48
  4. Rhyno Mop head
    From: $6.24 To: $7.43
  5. Tork Foodservice Cloth, 1/4 Fold
    Tork Foodservice Cloth, 1/4 Fold
    Regular Price $83.29 Special Price $69.38
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17 Items

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